Sacred Geometry and Techno Music Part of the Mind Control of Youth Culture


I just want you to know I have been looking into this bit by bit for months. Sometimes I stay clear from it even though I know it exists.  I don’t know how much it would influence me and although I have tried to tell Dr. Scott Johnson and ask him questions on the matter, he hasn’t written me back. I am just writing freehand at the moment and I don’t know if I will finish this post or keep adding to it. Honestly, I think this is a subject for only certain types of Christians and if you are a new Christian or one that is not aware of the mind control in media and music and the culture of our youth then please, don’t let yourself be drowned into this subject.

Basically what it is and I am no expert and am not the intellectual type to explain it scientifically for you but I will tell you it is concerning a new age teaching. This is something tied to Eastern religions and is part of the Emergent church movement. It is also being presented in the culture of the youth. Two recent festivals of Burning Man and Tomorrowland exemplify this sacred geometry with music and beats to put the audience in a trans like state where they are open psychologically to what they believe is love and unity and a cosmic harmony in the universe. It reminds me of the African dances and the Indian dances where they smoked or consumed some hallucinogenic drugs. The dance and the drugs and the beat and the fire all working together to induce them into another consciousness. Unfortunately even the liberal Christians are taking on this mind control. It’s effect is able to bring demonic influence in their lives. They think they are contacting with spiritual beings that will help mankind but they are in reality being brainwashed and put under demonic control. I will post some videos so you can see what I mean, I haven’t really seen many people talk about this from a Christian perspective but I realize many Christians are ignorant on the matter. From these videos, I am hoping we will have an understanding of how Satan is reaching out to the Youth. For any bloggers who are Christians who are also researching, please contact me so I can link your blog here. Thank You.

Teens Using Digital Drugs using Binaural Beats (

Walking the Labyrinth – Kundalini and Sacred Geometry Expossed (

article originally posted 10/2014


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