My Forced Vaccinations Worries

I live in California and I am a Christian. I am very upset about the vaccination push here and the people who are pushing it are telling us what they are taught to say. They are trying to use scare and bully tactics to push vaccinations on the public. They are also using false flag incidents like what happened at Disneyland. I am willing to homeschool my child so he doesn’t have to get vaccinated but I am not getting support from family and friends. It is one of the reasons I am worried about the whole situation. One of my good friends is a nurse and she is trying very hard to argue with me. I am trying to calmly tell her my views but she turned into a yelling machine trying to get me to get vaccines and tell me my son may become sterile and I could affect other children and people. If they are vaccinated I don’t know why they would care. But any parent can check for themselves and see there is a problems with all these vaccinations and the amount keeps increasing and I am not sure what will happen to my son if he is completely under the control of the state and their views. In a way I am glad he will get homeschooled yet I am thinking about just getting it done and blame my nurse friend for anything that goes wrong. Im not sure what to think but I am thinking this is an attack and I wish this were a bad dream so I could wake up and see I am not really being forced.

My older son has been in the custody of his unbelieving father and so far he is getting a little more than the suggested doses of vaccines. I know he is an unbeliever and melding into the world and seeing his mother as a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t know what she is talking about. He is seeking a job with the state and I hope the things he was taught as a child are being put to use and anything I spoke about God has not been forgotten.

My attitude is also a guilty one not raising my boys up as I wanted to reading the bible every day. I used to but I don’t know why I stopped, I’m guilty and not perfect and this whole blog entry is about my worry and not knowing what to do with this vaccination problem. Praise God they go to church with me. I have a very good pastor and church which I dont expect anything but delivers a great message every week.

Anyway, please pray for me, I don’t have that much time to make a decision on what to do and like I said, it is all going to be difficult for me because of the lack of support I will get even from my son to homeschool him.

Here are some videos that I got recently that may hopefully help some of you. May God help us and lead us and help us to do the right things as parents

God bless. (I say it in tears terrified on what to do.)

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