C.S. Lewis Exposed


CS Lewis

C.S. Lewis is a popular Christian writer and very often is recommended by many good intentioned Christians but I hope you will look closely to see what he actually believed by looking into his writings and quotes. You will see it is a false occult version of Christianity in which is extremely influential. The great thing about God’s word is that you do not need other books to teach you about Christianity and the gospel. There is more than enough information in God’s word to keep you in His instructions and teachings and doctrine for a lifetime. You do not need any other explanation of Christianity. Intellectual people love his writings because it tickles their carnal desires for a different Christ.  Before you get upset, please look into these links to see and hear and read in C.S. Lewis’ words to know he is not all that he is cracked up to be.


C S Lewis deliberately promoted a Paganized Form of Christianity (By Jeremy James)

C.S. Lewis: Who He Was and What He Wrote (Keepers of the Faith)

C.S. Lewis In His Own Words Warning PDF (Dr. Scott Johnson) See the matching video below

C.S. Lewis – A Bridge to Rome (Andy Foster)




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