What Are Chemtrails and Why Should We Care?


Here in California, it is common to see our skies filled with Chemtrails. Chemtrails are toxic chemicals that are purposely being sprayed into the atmosphere to alter the climate and use it part of their agenda to charge for money and look for ways to make new policies for the so called. ” greater good” in order to extract money from whole countries and alter agriculture with government programs that will lead to famine and water shortages and depopulate the world.  It is part of a slow kill process of the New World Order under Agenda 21 and secret society. You might think I am a Conspiracy Theorist but I am a Conspiracy Realist because evil exists. People have been making these plans for decades. They are wanting to bring on an evil agenda of the anti-christ. This is truth. It is not a conspiracy theory. You need to know what it is. All these things will be eliminated by the government with new “Net Neutrality Laws” that ignorant people were demanding not knowing it would take away freedoms and bring on the same government backed propaganda that blinded the minds of people during the Nazi regime.  Please see the following information, at least one and look into it. Some of these videos will be banned by youtube. Please watch them and pass them to friends. Pass this post to your Christian friends so they will wake up.  Look into it. If you choose to live in disbelief that is your choice but it is ridiculous for you to be stubborn and not know what is going on and what I am trying to tell you. We do not have to be ignorant of Satan’s devices and we learn about them as preparation and as strategy in order to walk away and stand up to evil instead of embracing lies. Please, I beg you, please look into these things.

Web Sources:

Educate-Yourself Chemtrail Page

Natural News Chemtrail Health Affects

Daily Sheeple – Chemtrails, A Daily Assault on People and Chemical Trespass of Property

Whale.to – Chemtrail Poisoning Racket

Freedom Outpost – HAARP, Chemtrails and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

Data Asylum – The Reason for Chemtrails

One thought on “What Are Chemtrails and Why Should We Care?

  1. Your a little late coming to the game friend. I’ve been squawking about this since the mid ’90’s. I’ve come to sincerely believe that the general populace is basically a subset of morons that are totally ignorant of anything past the end of their nose. Think Idiocracy – the movie.


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