The Hate of Christians Is Increasing

Be Blessed Today

Christian Fascists

The haters have turned into ravening wolves. They hate the people of peace. They have become drunk on the New World Order Kool-Aid soaking in the propaganda they think they are too intelligent to be a slave to.  They think they are immune of what is to come and that progress is known and practiced by their own ideas without God. What do they need God for? Their iphone is so much better than the bible.  Their so called “modern medicine” is part of the sorcery. They are doing exactly as their spiritual father tells them to do. The prince of the air has given his comatose nation the lies from the pit. He feeds them through the nose, ears, mouth, belly and eyes with poison. They do not know what is good. They are worse than the brainwashed Nazis and the hopeless people of Oceania.  Nimrod, Hitler and Constantine would…

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