Newsmax TV is Another SHILL Network


Been watching them for months and I keep catching their deceptions. They are just as bad as FOX news where they pretend to be on the conservative right but they are pushing NWO liberal agenda. Just today they were talking about Vatican Holy See…. Who cares! I don’t care about Vatican anything or pope anything. I’m not Catholic and I don’t even consider them Christian. Then they have to mention the vaccines and how parents whose kids die because they didn’t give them traditional medicine should be called murderers. More people die of the vaccines than not vaccinating your kids and more people are dying of prescription drugs and in hospitals because of traditional medicine than not giving your kids prescription drugs and medicine. Don’t give into the forced medicine. Let the parents choose what kind of medical care they want to give. There are naturopathic and homeopathic alternative doctors that I would trust a lot more with my children. Also today they were talking about net neutrality and the female reporter was saying that millions of grass roots people are calling for it but who are they? Probably LIBERAL groups. This Net Neutrality will end up being government owned big brother and we may eventually be banned from posting anything on the internet because it doesn’t fit into their propaganda news.

I want to also tell you that once in a while there are some good stories to watch but you can’t depend on anything on TV.  If you continue to watch Newsmax TV , please mix what you watch with some trusted web news sites because you know that TV has been taken over by right wing liberals who are deceiving people by the millions and the masses are brainwashed zombie sheep who don’t have a clue about what is going on behind the scenes.  InfoWars and FOX News is the same deceptive type of news. Please be careful. It is getting harder and harder to know what the truth is.


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